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the master

The Master – Collage and acrylic on paper – 2013


L’albero di Carnot (Carnot’s Tree)

28 Gen



collage, acrylic and coffee on paper 31,5×37,5 cm 2012


black memory of human behaviour

26 Gen


Un Homme de Têtes (1898)

6 Gen

diretto, interpretato e prodotto da George Méliès

georges melies

Happy New Bomb (?)

29 Dic


“Hell Broke Luce”

I had a good home but I left
I had a good home but I left, right, left
That big fucking bomb made me deaf, deaf
A Humvee mechanic put his Kevlar on wrong
I guarantee you’ll meet up with a suicide bomb
Hell broke luce Hell broke luce
Big fucking ditches in the middle of the road
You pay a hundred dollars just for fillin’ in the hole
Listen to the general every goddamn word
How many ways can you polish up a turd
Left, right, left, left, right
Left, right
Hell broke luce Hell broke luce Hell broke luce
How is it that the only ones responsible for making this mess
Got their sorry asses stapled to a goddamn desk
Hell broke luce Hell broke luce
Left, right, left
What did you do before the war?
I was a chef, I was a chef
What was your name?
It was Geoff, Geoff
I lost my buddy and I wept, wept
I come down from the meth
So I slept, slept
I had a good home but I left, left
Pantsed at the wind for a joke
I pranced right in with the dope
Glanced at her shin she said nope
Left, right, left
Nimrod Bodfish have you any wool
Get me another body bag the body bag’s full
My face was scorched, scorched
I miss my home I miss my porch, porch
Left, right, left
Can I go home in March? March
My stanch was a chin full of soap
That rancid dinner with the pope
Left, right, left
Kelly Presutto got his thumbs blown off
Sergio’s developing a real bad cough
Sergio’s developing a real bad cough
Hell broke luce Hell broke luce Hell broke luce
Boom went his head away
And boom went Valerie
What the hell was it that the president said?
Give him a beautiful parade instead
Left, right, leftWhen I was over here I never got to vote
I left my arm in my coat
My mom she died and never wrote
We sat by the fire and ate a goat
Just before he died he had a toke
Now I’m home and I’m blind
And I’m broke
What is next?



post scriptum

Questa canzone antimilitarista è probabilmente dedicata al soldato americano Jeff Lucey che si tolse la vita dopo che tornò in patria dall’Iraq . Il titolo è un gioco di parole costruito sull’idioma “all hell broke loose” , cioè “si è scatenato un putiferio” (scoperto dopo una estenuante ricerca, spero positiva – qualunque smentita è ben accetta).

Helen Levitt

10 Dic



Don Henley – the end of innocence


30 years ago

6 Dic

Pink Floyd – the great gig in the sky


Led Zeppelin – stairway to heaven

David Bowie – heroes


I won’t eat anything that has intelligent

life, but I’d gladly eat a network

executive or a politician.

(Marty Feldman)

Michael Caine

29 Nov


I am in so many movies that are on TV

at 2:00 a.m. that people think I am dead.

(Michael Caine)



Herbie Hancock – Watermelon man

Avanzo di preghiera

22 Nov

Carico di allucinazioni

sull’altare delle mosche.

Caino scava la fossa

per la sua icona.

(Antonio Occulto)


Prayer’s snip

Loaded of hallucinations

on the Flies’ Altar.

Cain digs the grave

for his icon.

(translated by Antonio Occulto)


Francesco Viscuso -digital photo printed on paper

handworked with bitumen and varnish – 20,4 X 20,4 cm


Nick Cave – into my arms


Raoul Hausmann

6 Nov

Raoul Hausmann (1886-1971)

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